ZZ Plant

Description The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) gets its common name from its botanical name. ZZ plant stems grow in a graceful, wand-like shape that starts thick and bulbous at the base and then tapers to a point. Along the stem are fleshy, oval-shaped leaves that make the plant look like stylized feathers. The entire plant has a waxy, shiny coating that makes it appear to resemble those made of plastic.
Indoor Care ZZ plants do best in bright to moderate, indirect light, but will do fine in extremely low levels of light. This plant makes an ideal plant for a window-less office or bathroom where it will only receive small amounts of fluorescent light. curling leaves, yellowing, and leaning can all be an indication of too much light. In terms of water, ZZ plants will do better if you leave them alone. Much like cacti, they need less rather than more water, so you should only water when the soil has dried out. It can survive months without water, but will grow faster if watered somewhat regularly.
Toxicity Toxic to pets and mildly toxic to humans.
Dimensions Available in 6" or 10" pots.

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