Gavoty La Cigale Rosé, 2022, 750ml



This may be Gavoty’s general-appellation Rosé, but compared to other classified Provençal Rosés you might find at a far greater cost, this one knocks them out. With surprising length and complexity, the blend of mostly Grenache and Cinsault is peachy and fruit forward like any good Provence Rosé is, but has wonderful salinity, a constant characteristic of any better wines from this area. Want a fun fact? La Cigale translates to “The Cicada,” which makes this wine particularly timely because, if you’ve been reading the news you’ll know that literally billions of Cicadas are supposed to emerge from under the earth and, like a biblical swarm of locusts, take over our lives this summer. At the very least, the Cicada wine can ease the problems caused by the actual cicadas in deliciously distracting fashion.

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