Hiyu Tzum "Clochan", 2020, 750ml



Clochán is inspired by Sardinian expressions of Graciano and Carignan but includes many Southern Italian cultivars; notably Negroamaro and Nero d’Avola. The parcel is on the same steep rocky hill in the desert as Fionn, Aedin, and Aos Si. It’s the smallest of these parcels, less than half an acre on very sparse soil just as you enter the western gate. 

The name is taken from the beehive shaped, ancient, dry-stone huts on the Southwestern Irish coast. 

In 2020 this was made in the style of a dark, southern Italian Rosé or Cerasuolo. These wines tend to be darker than many reds but are intended to be served chilled. Like those wines, we also aged this longer in barrel, 20 months in old wood, which allows the wine to develop more complicated, earth, meat, and floral essences.

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