Ameztoi Stimatum Txakolina Tinto, 2020, 750ml



Ameztoi Stimatum is one of Press Shop's Favorite Wine. This red txakoli (it's rare!) is made from Hondarribi Beltza, the traditional grape of txakoli, but the red varietal of the commonly white grape. All of Ameztoi's small "txakoli tinto" production is boxed and shipped to the United States, and we feel like we're buying most of it if we're being honest.

Stimatum is just slightly effervescent, a jewely ruby color with notes of ripe strawberries and the saltiness of ocean water. This makes sense, as these vines are grown on cliffs directly facing the sea.

We love pairing this wine with all kinds of food. When chilled, it's chuggable quality and good salinity make it the perfect companion to any meal - especially lunch.

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