Bodegas Monovar Fondillon, 1996, 500ml



Very powerful on the nose, classic, exuberant bouquet of aged Monastrell, hundred-year-old American oak, and very old wild oak. Hints of honey. Its notes are finely smoked and salty, always harking back to those of an old sacristy and ancient timber, very pleasant reminiscences of toffee, coffee, tobacco, carob beans, fig bread and roasted almonds. Moderately running to raisin, with hints of caramel and mocha. A friendly combination, not too sweet but very mild, full on the mouth, between a slight acid tang and little touch of fire on initial contact. It moves around at its ease in the center of the mouth giving up notes between caramel and liquorice, memories of nuts and dried fruit conforming to its dryness and a flavor that lingers eternally in the mouth. Its flavor enchants and stirs you to try some more.

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