Cantine Belisario "Le Salse" Verdicchio di Matelica, 2020, 750ml



Le Salse wines are produced by Cantine Belisario, a top-quality co-op located in the village of Matelica. All fruit that goes into these delicious table wines is grown organically and sustainably, with utmost respect for the environment put first. ‘It’s our response to the ocean of Pinot Grigio that has washed up on US shores,’ says the winery. Fruit for their Verdicchio comes from Jurassic-period vineyards located near saltwater springs (hence the name salse, which comes from ‘sale’ [salt]). Juice is vinified in cement and/or steel and lightly filtered upon bottling, leading to a fresh, acid-driven cuvée marked by flavors of pear, peach, and bitter almond. Looking for a new daily drinker? This could be the one!

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