Gonc Winery "Sabbotage" Blaufrankisch, 2020, 750ml



Winemaker Peter Gonc never takes the path most followed when it comes to making wine, but his long-awaited Blaufränkisch exceeds even that standard. This indigenous Slovenian grape grows on the gravelly part of his vineyard, which presents very hard conditions for the vine. As a result, there is a small yield from the vineyard that results in intensely flavored juice from the berries. That wasn't quite enough, though, so Peter froze the wine outside and siphoned off the partially thawed juice, giving the finished wine a nose and texture unlike any Blaufränkisch that's ever existed. Spicy, slightly rugged tannins support ripe blueberries and sultry blackberries with a hint of middle eastern spices and a distinct blue floral prettiness. Ideal with pizza (especially Detroit and Chicago styles), braised beef dishes, mild Indian curries, butter poached salmon, and aged cheeses, but it's quite a marvel tasted all on its own.

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