Hiyu Tzum Oak Ridge Spring Ephemeral, 2021, 750ml



Oak Ridge is planted on a hillside above the White Salmon River on the way to Trout Lake. It is the Northernmost vineyard in the Columbia Gorge and the one most impacted by weather systems from Mt. Adams. It is farmed in a gentle and thoughtful way by Thomas and Marlene Woodward. 

The wine from the site is Alpine in a way that transcends its identity as Pinot Noir, and this is truer than ever with the 2021 vintage. The wine is shimmering and ethereal but also slightly cloudy, electric, juicy, and slightly raucous in a way that suggests Gamay, Pineau d’Aunis or some strange mountain grape. It is a perfect counterpoint to the Hiyu 2017 Halo “Perennial”. Both are compellingly wild and savage, but in one instance this is coming from age and patina and in this one from the vibrancy of youth. 

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