Custom Engraved Champagne Glasses


Partnering with Summerhill local Willow & Slate, we're excited to offer you custom laser-engraved champagne glasses. Glassware is Riedel Veloce and this glass shape is Press Shop's official choice for Best Champagne Glass. Flutes are traditionally used for Champagne, but this shape lacks a bowl to swirl and let aromas develop to sense the nuances of the wine. Alternatively, people use coupes which are problematic in the opposite way -- there's a large bowl for the wine to open up, but also a wide rim so the aromas immediately escape. We believe that these glasses have the perfect qualities for champagne: a 12oz capacity, a wide and swirlable bowl and a rim narrow enough to capture aromas but not so small that you can't fit your nose inside the glass.

Willow & Slate engraves these glasses right here in Summerhill, making these glasses the perfect gift for a hostess, a birthday, an anniversary, a new home or a wedding day. 


Riedel Veloce crystal glassware boasts a delicate, 1mm thick bowl and long, elegantly thin stem. Glasses are hand-wash only. Bowl is 3.5" at it's widest point and the glass is 10" tall.

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