Heirloom New York "Paddy" Kombucha, 355ml


High in the mountains of central Taiwan, cold mist blankets fields of oolong tea. When picked, the leaves are gently crushed allowing them to oxidize in the chilled air and develop the distinctive milky flavor that gives the tea its name. With no milk involved, Paddy mingles this sweet, buttery oolong with robust aromas of coconut, cinnamon, and jasmine rice. A delicate ode to the soothing, languorous moments after a hearty dinner.

Tea Base: Milky Oolong, Organic & Fair Trade Serve: Chill before serving. Sediment is naturally occurring, so gently swirl and pour into a glass of your choosing. To respect the integrity of this ferment, enjoy within three days of opening. Ingredients: Filtered water, milk oolong tea, organic cane sugar, symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, coconut water, coconut extract, cinnamon, jasmine rice. Organic, Vegan, & Gluten Free

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