Marie Courtin Efflorescence Extra Brut Cote Bars Champagne, 2014, 750ml



Dominique Moreau created the estate in 2005 with a vision to produce a series of single-vineyard, single-variety, single-vintage Champagnes from Biodynamically-grown grapes that are farmed and elaborated with meticulous care.

This wine, the Efflorescence Extra Brut, means "to evolve in perpetuity”. Starting with the evolution encouraged by the small oxygen exchange in barrel, she feels that this wine in particular will show a very different face at each stage of its development in bottle. She recommends that both wines be served in traditional white wine glasses to allow for their development through increased aeration.

Crisp, bright, with hints of Brioche and Lemon, abundant minerality and a mouth-tickling effervescence. 

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