Odinstal 350 N.N. Gewurztraiminer, 2019, 750ml



Odinstal is the Pfalz outlier, a leading biodynamic winery and grand cru monopole*, all nestled in a raised valley that lies on the edge of an extinct volcano. The old German name of Odinstal, Odensthal, means ‘Valley of Odes,’ and there’s a growing chorus of wine lovers, both natural and fine, that have good reason to be singing odes to Odinstal. 

A nuance of lemongrass and lemon zest makes its way through. Coriander seed, anise and some fennel are also present on the nose. On the palate, the Gewürztraminer 350 N.N. is literally in the juice Filigree, drinkable and playful. With a fine spice and a mild acidity, it knows how to convince all along the line. Aromatically, the Traminer comes very close to the nose also on the palate. The delicate, floral tone in the finish suits it perfectly

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