Second Annual Champagne & Oysters


We're very excited to invite you to our most special event of the year, our second annual Champagne & Oysters.

Join us for a celebratory, festive night with live-shucked oysters, caviar and a complete lineup of the champagne and sparkling wines the Press Shop team loves. We'll have cremant, pet nat, cava, prosecco and Grower Champagne Only. We'll be pouring sips of TWENTY FIVE different sparkling wines, and we're so excited to give Atlanta the opportunity to taste them all at our Unlimited Champagne Bar -- till the last bottle runs dry.

This event is a big-time party, definitely don't drive, come ready to take caviar bumps and throw back several oysters. There honestly isn't anything better you could be doing on December 9th, if we're being real. The shop is only so big, so tickets are LIMITED and we WON'T ADD MORE. Please don't beg us later, just get your tickets now!


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