Skinner Grenache Blanc, 2020, 750ml



Grenache Blanc, while not considered “obscure”, is still not widely understood by consumers.  Hailing first from Northeast Spain as a mutation of the red Grenache Noir grape, and eventually migrating to various regions in the Rhone Valley, especially in the South, it is often shrugged off as a blender.  Skinner's approach is to let the grape shine in all it's glory. The aromatics on the 2020 Grenache Blanc are punchy and brilliant, as the nose suggests a wine of tremendous posture.  The first impression is crushed limestone and white flowers, giving way to underpinnings of blood orange, honeysuckle and sandalwood.  This wine’s clean, platinum hue and lithe aromatics only begin to tell the story of its deep, complex palate presence of weight and electric tension; a tight balance of flowers, fruit and dirt, this is a real testament to the transcendence of El Dorado-grown white Rhônes. 

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