Visual Poetry Series

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This print was made on an antique press, one color at a time, using unique elements. This printing process results in natural variations in the look and feel of the work that become a part of the aesthetic.

Day-glo letterpress ink makes aesthetic, typographic poetry. 12”x18.”

About The Itinerant Printer

From 2015-2017, Chris Fritton (The Itinerant Printer) traveled to letterpress print shops throughout North America by car, plane, and train. he brought with him only paper and ink, and worked exclusively from their collections of antique wood type, metal type, border, ornament, woodcuts and linocuts. Each print became an index of his time there, as well as an index of what the shop had in their collection. The trip continues unofficially to this day. To date he’s covered over 75,000miles, made over 20,000 prints with over 60,000 impressions, visited over 150 print shops, and taken over 30,000 photographs to document the journey.

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