Which Lifetime is this Anyway?, Cathryn L. Taylor


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If you have ever found yourself overreacting to experiences in ways that seemed unwarranted, this book holds the key. If you are pursuing a spiritual path, yet continue to experience difficulties that challenge your newfound beliefs, this book provides relief. If you are unable to attract meaningful relationships, manifest abundance, or find creative life work, this book can lead you to the antidote, found by exploring the multidimensional caverns of your Soul. Through anecdotes of others’ healings, as well as her own, the author introduces the ways multidimensional bleed-throughs--that is, experiences from our past lives--can color our response to experiences in the present. Through this intensely spiritual work, we learn the limits of other more traditional approaches to healing and find relief we may have only dreamed was possible. As Taylor shares her engaging story of healing in which she is directed through the Ten Teachings of her Spirit Guide called Chief, we are witness to the evolution of her ten-step formula for resolution. Here you will find a powerful approach to healing the wounds revealed by our multidimensional bleed-throughs, one that is simple, practical, and above all, effective.


6 x 0.84 x 9, 334 pages, paperback

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