Zodiac Scented Candle


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Botanica's ethically sourced and fair trade scented candles with all natural botanicals are designed to enhance your home and showcase your unique zodiac sign. 

Aquarius. A mix of effervescent sea salt and sweet peony is paired with woodsy, cypress notes that give this floral base an earthy freshness.

Aries - A sophisticated blend of warm tobacco and oud, tempered with bright bergamot. Strong, earthy, grounded, and a bit spicy; this blend is as warm and well-worn as an old leather-bound novel.

Cancer - A soft blend of heliotrope and creamy coconut milk build a subtle, sweet base for bergamot's zing to mingle and elevate. The faint notes of true almond and coconut lend this candle a paradise-like vibe, like a cool summer breeze.

Capricorn - A complex blend of earthy notes, this fragrance pairs the warmth of amber with sophisticated elements of leather and patchouli for an overall elevated fragrance with true depth.

Gemini - Bright and fruit-forward, with a spicy twist, our Gemini pairs juicy mandarin notes with a pop of unexpected peppercorn and ginger to keep you on your toes. Definitely not your basic fruity candle.

Leo - A bold and playful blend–of course! Warm and earthy amber forms a base for juicy clementine and fresh jasmine to interplay, building a complex formula that is both sophisticated and fun.

Libra - One of our most unique blends, Libra is a dichotomous balance between the sweet floral notes of fresh violet, and herbaceous, fresh cannabys. Heady amber provides a strong and sophisticated base that lets these two top notes intermingle and shine.

Pisces - A tranquil blend of briny sea kelp and cedar wood is paired with soft aromatic ozone notes to create a spa-like combination that will transform your surroundings into complete serenity.

Sagittarius - At once earthy, spicy, and sweet, our Sagittarius is no shrinking violet. Fruity pear is tempered with the earthy and bohemian depths of sandalwood and cardamom, culminating in a strong and sophisticated fragrance.

Scorpio - Just when you think this intoxicating blend of warm tobacco and rum are lulling you to sleep, they're punctuated by bright and spicy peppercorn. Unexpected and perfectly paired, the spicy top notes elevate this fragrance to something delightfully unexpected.

Taurus - Our coziest combination–the quintessential Bedroom Candle–this rich blend of vanilla is paired with subtle notes of amber and patchouli to create an enticingly warm scent with an air of sophistication.

Virgo - A straight-forward blend of freshly cut tuberose and orange blossoms lays a clean, floral foundation for enticing musk to bring to new depths. A beautifully natural and sophisticated blend.


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