Nature Tats Temporary Tattoos



NatureTats temporary tattoos are a collection of hand-drawn designs created for tattoo loving nature enthusiasts. We're here to share our admiration for nature and to encourage others to explore their curiosity and inspiration too. Many of the iconic plants, animals, and insects we've featured hold space in our memories and we know they do for others too. With tattoos, we can use art to remember an experience, emotion, or idea. We get to define ourselves when we decorate our bodies. Temporary tattoos are a beautiful way to play, to express, and to see ourselves in a positive way. NatureTats was started in 2016, by Allison Wilcoxen. 


Chanterelle Mushroom - 3"H
Earthly Visions - 3"x4"
Forest Forage - 3"x7"
Garden Snake - 6.5"L
Golden Poppy - 3"H
Lavender Twigs - 3"L
Magnolia Flower - 6.25"x2.5"
Monstera Vine - 6.5"L
Monarch Butterfly - 3.5"W
Cone Flower - 6.75" x 2.75"


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