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The Original Tinned Fish CandleThe Original Tinned Fish Candle

Tinned Fish Candle

The Original Tinned Fish Candle

Dimple CupDimple Cup

Utility Objects

Dimple Cup

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Meredith Anne White Snail T-Shirt
Sold out

Meredith Anne White

Meredith Anne White Snail T-Shirt

Agape Studio Aristide RingAgape Studio Aristide Ring
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Custom Printing

Yep, we print it all right here in Summerhill. Learn more about what we can do below, or visit our Atlanta in-store workshop in person.

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Though we offer a wide range of products, we are committed to meaning, not more. We are selling a way to edit life: a way to approach owning and using objects with intention. We carry many different pieces because they all add up to a big picture, a whole home, or a complete thought, but the detail within and thought behind these goods is what sets us apart.

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