Bisson "Glera" Frizzante, 2022, 750ml



Bisson's dry sparkler is finely balanced, with green apple and floral aromas dominating the complex, heady mix. Chiseled mineral acidity demands a thoughtful pairing with light salads, youthful cheeses and salty, smoked fish. If you enjoy Prosecco, this is essentially what this bottle is as it's made from the Prosecco grape, Glera but is no longer allowed to be called Prosecco because of the bottle cap seal. However, this is a bone dry rendition of the sparkling wine and very unique for that matter. 

This frizzante comes from the Veneto region, famous for Italian staples like fruity olive oils and zesty basil pestos. Bisson Glera would pair incredibly well with foods like this.

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