Domaine U Stiliccionu Antica, 2018, 750ml



Antica is 100% Sciaccarello from a granitic soil. "Antica" translates to "ancient" in the local Corsican dialect and is a reference to "old school" styled Corsican reds. 

After harvesting by hand in early September, the fruit is de-stemmed entirely. Once in the winery, the fruit is handled very gently. There are no pumps in the cellar, everything is by gravity. Sebastien is looking for an infusion, not extraction.

Fermentation is started with a pied de cuve that Sebastien prepares every vintage. Macerations last about thirty days and fermentation is carried out completely sans sulfur, with none adding at bottling.

The spirit of "infusion" definitely translates to the palate, where there are flavors of liqueur marinated forest fruits and strawberry hard candies, tempered with soft umami undertones. The balance of fruit and tannin gives way to a nice, long finish. This wine is light enough to enjoy with casual dinners - tomato based stews or an italian sub.

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