Don't Wear Shoes You Can't Walk In: A Field Guide For Your Twenties, Michelle Douglas


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“Why is this moment happening in my life and what can I learn from it?”

Michelle Douglas asked and answered this question almost every day for ten years, writing down one thing she learned each day from ages twenty-one to thirty-one. In these pages, she shares her experiences and learnings from the adventures that lie ahead for young adults—moving, working, loving, losing, quitting, building, and more, all while attempting to maintain a strong sense of self.

Written for anyone just starting out or suddenly starting over, this field guide—part advice book, part journal—will help you discover the very important yet not-so-obvious lessons to be learned in your own life right now. Things like . . .

  • the weakness isn’t necessarily where the leak is
  • surround yourself with people who are willing to lift while they climb 
  • you can’t change the shape of a piece to force it into your puzzle 
  • don’t go looking for love, go looking for things you love to do
  • it’s what you bring to the table, not how long you’ve been sitting at it

Don’t Wear Shoes You Can’t Walk In equips twentysomethings (and beyond) with powerful tools to enrich their lives and take their next steps forward with confidence. 


5" x 7.9", 231 pages. paperback. 

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