Gaina Sutras: Volume 1, Jacobi


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"Knowledge of the Weapon" consists of seven lessons that make up the first of twenty-four books, or chapters, contained in the Akaranga Sutra, which is found in the Gaina Sutras. It is a sutra, or a collection of religious teachings. This sutra is a holy text of Jainism. Jainism is an ancient religion practiced primarily in India, and it shares many beliefs with Hinduism. The Akaranga Sutra is one of twelve central Jain religious texts, collectively referred to as the Twelve Limbs. Like many Jain holy texts, it developed over a long period of time and was passed down orally until it was recorded in Sanskrit roughly a thousand years after it was first composed.


0.87" H x 9.21" L x 6.14" W, paperback

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