How to Travel, The School of Life


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A philosophical guide to the joys of travel and adventure.

In this compact collection of twenty essays, The School of Life applies their signature mix of philosophy, practicality, and wit to the act of travel. We pursue travel as a means to make ourselves happy-so why do we often find ourselves bored, anxious, or lonely when on a trip?

This is a guidebook not to geographical locations, but to the philosophy of travel itself. In a series of genial essays, it examines why we travel, how we choose where to go, what we can do when we get there, and how to make the most of our time away. This compact book is beautifully designed to take with us on our journeys. Ultimately, it reminds us to practice that most illusive and vital skill of all: how to relax.


132 pages, 4.75 x 0.25 x 7.25 inches, paperback

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