Illustoria: Mystery, Elizabeth Haidle


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In Issue 20: Mystery, peek behind the scenes, brave the unknown, and follow our myriad of curiosities. Get entranced by an underwater, glow-in-the-dark cover by Cátia Chen. Explore the curious communication habits of insects. Learn what Oregon’s Poet Laureate thinks about Dark Matter. Meet youth activist Freshta Tori Jan, a refugee from Kabul, Afghanistan. Read an interview with cover artist and award-winning illustrator Cátia Chien. Make delicious alien toast with Illustoria’s resident Dog Chef. Learn about category-defying, mysterious creatures like the Hagfish and pink glow worm. Read poetry by young authors from around the world about their mythical moon origin story, and much more in this mystifying issue.


64 pages, 8.52 x 0.17 x 10.48 inches, paperback

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