Market Cooking, David Tanis


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For anyone who has ever decided to eat from a home garden, shop at the local farmer’s market or sign up for a CSA service. When vegetables land in my kitchen and I’m feeling at a complete loss, I open this book. David has such simple ideas for vegetables, but each is thoughtful and nourishing, making vegetarian eating satisfying and delicious.

David Tanis Market Cooking is about seeking out the best ingredients, learning the qualities of each, and the methods and recipes that showcase what makes them special--pulling from all the world's great cuisines.

A masterwork of recipes, approach, technique, and philosophy, David Tanis Market Cooking is as inspiring as it is essential. This is how to become a more intuitive and spontaneous cook. This is how to be more discerning in the market and freer in the kitchen. This is how to transform the freshest ingredients into one perfectly delicious dish after another, guided by the core beliefs that have shaped David Tanis's incomparable career: Food doesn't have to be fussy to be satisfying. Seasonal vegetables should be central to a meal. Working with food is a joy, not a chore.


1.8" H x 10.0" L x 7.7" W, hardcover

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