My Mommy Is A Candidate, Larissa Martinez and Mari Martinez Zinser and Michelle Simpson


Hello and welcome!  Mari and Larissa here. We're so excited to share our passion project, the book "My Mommy is a Candidate," with you! 

We wrote this book as a way to help moms share their lives as candidates with their children, which can be confusing to little ones. We relate positive traits needed to be a candidate to the traits kids are developing at this stage.  This allows them to not only understand their mom's daily activities, but also see themselves as candidates one day! 

Larissa used her campaign experience and Mari, her expertise teaching young children, to create a realistic tool that helps bridge the gap in understanding - involving families in campaign life and showcasing women as leaders and the skills needed. 

We hope you enjoy this book and look forward to developing the next one in the series (there are so many more professions to go!). 
11.5"W x 9"L x .5"T, 32 pages, hardcover.

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