Six Week Letterpress Lessons


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This course is designed to give an introduction and overview to printing letterpress. You are encouraged to bring a project idea to class that you would like to execute in our six week course. 

Weeks one and two We will go over letterpress history and basics and spend time seeing and touching samples of letterpress prints. At these classes, we’d love to see your inspiration, if you have a project in mind, and share your progress in coming up with a design. You will get our feedback and expert advice in designing for letterpress.
Week three You will bring a finished design
. We will teach you how to translate your design into a letterpress printing plate! We will order plates and help you select papers, ordering them for you on this week so they arrive in time to work on your project.
Weeks four through six 
You will independently print your project (or print with our samples plates). Your teacher will be on-site to help you troubleshoot and perfect the print. After printing, you will learn about different finishing options and cutting.

Scheduling Once you purchase your six week course, we will contact you to schedule your ideal dates. Classes are available for one hour on weeknights, from 7pm to 8pm. If you choose Tuesdays, we will meet for six consecutive Tuesdays unless a conflict is noted in which we can skip a week and resume with regular instruction afterward. We are flexible to work with you on timing and days, but once the schedule is solidified, we will need to stick to it!

Included in the cost of the course:
One-on-one instruction with a letterpress expert on the Press Shop team.
Use of sample plates and paper we keep on-site.
Autonomous time to use the letterpress and truly learn how to use the machine.
Assistance with digitizing artwork for letterpress, ordering supplies and exploring finishing techniques.

Not Included If you are working on a specific personal project over the course of your lessons, we will help you choose the correct paper and materials to complete your vision. Press Shop will facilitate ordering these materials for you, and the wholesale cost will be passed onto you (paper, envelopes, stamps, etc). The course is designed to offer enough time to print 50-100 pieces of a one-color project. If you have extra quantities or colors, we will inform you of the added cost to spend extra time on press beyond your one-hour lesson.

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