Always with You, Always with Me, Kelly Rowland


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A loving ode to modern motherhood by Kelly Rowland and Jessica McKay.

Grammy Award-winning artist Kelly Rowland and educator Jessica McKay have crafted a lyrical celebration of working moms everywhere and a soothing story for their children. As a mother gets ready to go to work, first she works on building the world for her child. Because it can sometimes be hard to be separated during the day, Mom collects some simple words that she and her child can repeat whenever they are missing each other or feeling overwhelmed:

Always with you,
always with me,
mommy and child,
together we'll be.

For any child who needs a little reassurance or just to share a sweet gesture of affection, Always with You, Always with Me is a loving tribute to families that honors the work a mother does both inside and outside of the home.


0.6" H x 11.1" L x 8.7" W, 40 pages, hardcover

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