Amevive "Nothing But Love" Gamay & Syrah, 2023, 750ml



This wine is half Gamay clone 358 planted at Shokrian Vineyard and half Estrella clone Syrah planted at Coquelicot vineyard. Coquelicot is one of the cooler vineyards situated in Santa Ynez Valley. The marine layer consistently settles over the vineyard throughout the summer months, and the vineyard always stays a little cooler than its neighboring vineyards as it borders the Santa Ynez River. Although Syrah is generally one of the earlier grapes to ripen, this Estrella clone block at Coquelicot is the latest block of Syrah that comes into the cellar. The Gamay component is from a little farther north in Santa Barbara County near Los Alamos. The soils are alluvial deposits from the San Rafael Mountains. Although the vineyard seems sandy at the surface level, there is a thick layer of loamy clay about 36 inches deep, this greatly contributes to the density of the wine. 

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