Aranya White Peppercorn

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Our Aranya Black Pepper is our pride and joy, and its counterpart Aranya White Pepper is no less exceptional. Using only the ripest berries, our peppercorns are repeatedly soaked to remove the outer skin and reveal a greyish white core that is then sundried. The process is labor-intensive, but the delicious payout is worth it. The resulting pepper is sharper in taste and perfect in Regional Chinese dishes like Cantonese salt & pepper pork chops, chicken wings, hot and sour soup, and any other dishes where you don’t want the appearance of black pepper. Grown on the Parameswaran family farm, where Parameswaran and his son Akash have been naturally farming pepper for over 35 years, amidst passion fruit, tigers (no, really!), and the largest collection of bamboo and palm varieties in the region! Their white pepper is vine ripened, hand harvested with utmost care to ensure maximum flavor, and unreasonably tasty.

Made in: India, Shelf life: Over 36 months, Storage: Shelf-stable.


Weight: 0.5 lb

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