Emidio Pepe Pasta S. Capelli

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In 1964, Emidio Pepe began a crusade of uncompromising quality producing what has become some of Italy'. Most legendary wines. Working only with indigenous crops from their area, without using chemical pesticides and fertilizers ever, the Pepe family have become famed beacons of natural agriculture and fierce defenders of the strong, pure, agricultural and culinary traditions of Abruzzo the world over.

Recently, Emidio’s granddaughter Chiara added a single field planted with the ancient wheat variety ‘Senatore Capelli’ which has never been genetically modified and is farmed Biodynamically. It grows tall (up to 8 feet!) with miniscule yields producing flour with great character. This special wheat gives Pepe pasta its robust nutty aromas and inviting baking spice scents. You can taste the wheat in the pasta! The firm hearty texture is forgiving when going for that perfect al dente cook.

Pepe pasta is great with a tomato based sauce like the famous Ragù Abruzzese con Palottine.

Available in Penne and Spaghetti pasta. 


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