Courtin Rose de Maceration "Allegeance" Extra Brut Cote Bars Champagne, 2014, 750ml



Champagne Marie Courtin is located in the village of Polisot in the Côte des Bars (often referred to as the Aube), in the southern part of the Champagne region. With its slightly warmer temperatures, this area is particularly prized for its Pinot Noir grapes. Dominique Moreau created the estate in 2005 with a vision to produce a series of single-vineyard, single-variety, single-vintage Champagnes from Biodynamically-grown grapes that are farmed and elaborated with meticulous care. 

This dry sparkling, extra brut Rose is 100% Pinot Noir. Limited Production. Heady red fruits with mineral cut and intensity. This is an elegant and powerful rosé. 

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