Draw Here, Tullet


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With hours of creative play, Draw Here: An Activity Book, features more than 135 pages of activity for young readers learning to see things differently. 

From solving a maze, matching up similarly colored dots, or growing a whole village of dot people, this book is packed with hours of learning fun.

Tullet's signature bold dots bounce, spin, and splatter across spread after spread. Invites kids to grab a crayon and fill in, connect, decorate, and above all, reimagine the dots. Opens eyes and minds to playful and creative thinking

Experiment, play, and draw--but most of all, just have fun, inside and outside the box with this innovative activity book.

Perfect for little hands, this interactive book brilliantly communicates the foundations of whimsical imagination to readers ages 5 to 6 years old.


0.5" H x 9.2" L x 9.2" W, hardcover

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