Letherbee Strawberry Cordial, NV, 750ml



2024’s Vernal Strawberry Cordial is a continuation of our new work with fruit and celebrates warm weather’s most anticipated juice-bomb: STRAWBERRIES!

This is Letherbee’s 2nd fruit-based cordial and 24th seasonal release. (The first 22 were all gins!)

How do they make this strawberry cordial?  Well, they spent over six months tinkering. You know how there are some pieces of produce deemed too ugly for grocery store shelves? These misfit strawberries become any and all varieties of cleaned, cut, juiced, pureed, reduced, frozen, sweetened, preserved, and freeze dried.  We want to help make sure they don’t go to waste! Better yet, we make them delicious.

We get “ugly” strawberry juice and carefully blend it with a precious little recipe of neutral grain spirit compounded with a proprietary blend of botanicals, neutral French oak, hand-harvested Chicago rooftop honey, and some of our Original Label Gin. The result is a bright, juicy, dry, aromatic enigma of some of earth’s finest blessings.

We encourage you to think of and to use this like a dry aromatized wine.  Drink straight!  Spritz it!  Mix with Tonic! A Cosmo!  A Vesper!  Don’t let us stop you! Go off!

For best results, serve chilled and keep chilled after opening.

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