Lost Man's Lane, Scott Carson


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A mysterious private investigator embodies the darkness hidden within a small town in this spellbinding thriller that will “make you a Scott Carson fan for life” (Joe Hill, #1 New York Times bestselling author).

Marshall Miller would’ve remembered her face even if he hadn’t seen it on a MISSING poster.

When a young woman disappears in his small town, the investigation hinges on Marshall’s haunted sighting of her, crying in the back seat of a police car driven by a cop named Maddox.

There’s only one problem: no local cop named Maddox exists.

But the speeding ticket he handed to Marshall certainly does.

Dealing with police and media is heady stuff for a teenager, the son of a single mother, but Marshall is sure he can handle it, until the shocking day when his reliability as a witness implodes. Now scorned and shamed, he finds unlikely allies as he confronts the ancient secrets behind his small town’s peaceful façade—and learns the truth about his own family.

Lost Man’s Lane is a coming-of-age tale that proves why its author has been hailed as “a master” by Stephen King who consistently offers “eerie, gripping storytelling” (Dean Koontz).


528 pages, 6 x 1.5 x 9 inches, hardcover

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