Modern Wooden Number Set, Numerals and Math Equations Signs, Walnut

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our wooden number sets are made of solid walnut wood and designed in a modern, child-friendly font. set includes: • digits 0-9 (10 pieces) and common math symbols (9 pieces): plus sign, minus sign, division sign, multiplication sign, equals sign, greater than/less than sign, comma, decimal point, and dollars sign. • comes in a cloth drawstring bag for safekeeping and sustainable, eco-friendly storage. use our wood numbers to identify and order numerals, practice math problems, and explore money and place value. digits measure 2.25" tall, 0.2" thick and width varies by character. crafted by hand in our Ohio studio from locally sourced wood. sealed with food-grade mineral oil and safe for kids. our line of modern learning resources are a lovely addition to a playroom or homeschool environment and are sure to be treasured for years. each item is unique and made-to-order; wood tone & grain will vary from piece to piece. 


6 x 4 x 2

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