Osmote "Pocket Wine" White Wine, 2023, 1.5L



The Finger Lakes has an absolutely unique, cold, continental wine region is made possible by the glacial lakes that define it. These lakes, as long as 40 miles and as deep as 600ft, never freeze, keeping the land around them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Since the region was carved out by a glacier in the last ice age, there is a tremendous variety of soil types across the region.

This wine is made from Cayuga White-A Cornell hybrid grape was commercially released in 1970. Our vineyard sites are many of the first commercial plantings of these grapes, planted in the 1970s. Melody is a Cornell hybrid grape released shortly after Cayuga White. It has slightly lower yields and a richer peach tangerine profile evocative of its Pinot Blanc parentage. 

It's wine! In a bag. It's pale straw, translucent, and bubbly with CO2. The clean orchard fruit aromas combine with citrus and salinity to almost evoke summer’s best margarita. The flavors are bright, fun, and easy, with great freshness and the ease of a lovely, naturally low-alcohol wine.  

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