STiRM Wine Co. "Calcite" 'White Wine Blend, 2022, 750ml



Calcite is the predominate geologic parent material of the soils found in the Cienega Valley. It is an ancient type of limestone which is extremely rare in California. This wine represents the typicity of this region’s alkaline soils and the dynamic of the warm day/cold night diurnal shift climate that allow the grapes to ripen and retain freshness. It is made from the two most widely planted white varieties in the Cienega Valley from vines ranging in age from 25 to 60 years old.

Riesling: Wirz Vineyard, Cienega Valley (44%)

Chardonnay: Cienega Road Vineyard, Cienega Valley (47%)

Chardonnay: Gimelli Vineyard, Cienega Valley (9%)

The wine is completely dry, but generous with the fruit character. It tastes like ripe peaches and lemon zest and texture a reminiscent of ocean water. 

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