Zalto Universal Glass


Handcrafted perfection is the core principle of Zalto. That is why our glasses have always been made from carefully selected raw materials using complex traditional methods. The fine design of the glasses demands the skill of the glassblower to be unparalleled. The handmade work is reminiscent of the fine craftsmanship of Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance. Balance – virtuosity – taken to extremes – a combination of modern raw material technology with traditional centuries-old production methods. Regardless of the fascination with this craft, mouth-blown glasses still have advantages over machine-made glasses.

The human component is by far the most important factor. Every part of the glass is made by hand with the help of the simplest tools, with a perfectly coordinated team of eight people dividing the various stages of work. With the exception of the bowl, which is blown into a mold, the glasses are created free-hand using the trained eye of the glassblower. Only the best master glassmakers in the world can produce glasses of this quality and level of execution. This requires years of training and practice. The delicate, thin-walled production of lead-free crystal glass in combination with a decidedly slow cooling phase after glass blowing ensure its high elasticity. In conjunction with a meticulous final inspection, in which all the glasses that do not meet the guidelines are melted down and recycled, the effort that is necessary for the creation of those masterpieces that bear the Zalto logo becomes clear.

The Zalto Universal glass is for expressive, medium to full bodied wines with fine minerality and subtle aromatics; this glass emphasises complexity and refinement.


Lead-Free and sold individually. 9.4" height, 3 and 9/16" at its widest (base). 18 ounces. 

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